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  • ACM-200plus Opti sciences Portable Anthocyanin Content Meter.

ACM-200plus Opti Sciences Portable Anthocyanin Content Meter.

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01 / 12 / 2019
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HARCO GLODOK Lantai 5 Blok F7
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.2-5, Jakarta Barat 11180
Telp. : 021-2268 7062,
HP : 0813 1516 6062; 0812 8222 5340; 0821 2214 8707
Email: [email protected]
Up : Irwan Pangaribuan

Detail ACM-200plus Opti Sciences Portable Anthocyanin Content Meter.


Specifications                 Measured Parameters:   Optical absorbency in two different wave bands (530 nm and 931 nm).         Designed to measure chlorophyll content and compensate for leaf thickness. Measurement Area:   3/8" diameter circle, (0.71 cm2).         Resolution:   +/- 0.1 ACI Unit.           Repeatability:   +/- 1%.             Source:     (1) LED (peak at 530nm).               (1) Infrared LED (peak at 931 nm).         Detector:     Silicon photodiode with integral amplifier for absorptance         measurement and source power monitoring for temperature compensation. Storage Capacity:   Between 94,000 and 160,000 measurements.       Modes:     Single point measurement,2 to 30 point averaging           10 to 30 point averaging with elimination of fliers outside a two sigma range. Comments:   Alpha numeric comments may be added with             each measurement or only when there is a change that requires notes. User Interface:   128 x 32 pixel display, 6 keys for control and data manipulation,         beep signal for status and warnings.       Output:     USB 1.1 and RS-232 interface for GPS.       Temperature Range:   0-50Deg.C.             Temperature Drift:   Temperature compensated source and              detector circuitry for minimum drift over full range.     Power Source:   9V Alkaline Battery.          
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