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Pulsatron A-Plus LB-03 Features

• Manual control by online adjustable stroke rate and stroke length

• Highly reliable timing circuit

• Circuit protection against voltage and current upsets

• Solenoit protection by thermal overload with auto-reset

• Water resistant, for outdoor and indoor applications

• Internally dampened to reduce noise

• Guided ball check valve system, to reduce back flow and enhance outstanding priming characteristics

• Few moving parts and wall mountable

• Safe & easy priming with durable leak-free bleed valve assembly (standard)

• Optional control: External pace with auto/manual selection operating benefits

• Reliable matering performance

• Rated "hot" for continuous duty

• High viscosity capability

• Leak-free, sealess, liquid end engineering data pump head materials available: GFPPL PVC PVDF 316 SS Diaphragm: PTFE-faced CSPE-backed check valves material available seats/o-ring: PTFE CSPE viton balls: ceramic PTFE 316 SS alloy C fittings materials available: GFPPL PVC PVDF bleed valve: same as fitting and check valve selected, except 316 SS injection valve & foot valve assy: same as fitting and check valve selected tubing: clear PVC white PE engineering data reproducibility: ± 3% at maximum capacity viscosity max CPS: 1000 CPS stroke frequency max SPM: 125 stroke frequency turn-down ratio: 10. : 1 stroke length turn-down ratio: 10. : 1 power input: 115 VAC / 50-60 HZ / 1 ph 230 VAC / 50-60 HZ / 1 ph average input power @ max SPM 115 VAC; amps : 0.6 amps 230 VAC; amps : 0.3 amps peak input power: 130 watts average input power @ max SPM: 50 watts specification model: LB 03 capacity nominal (max) GPH: 0,50 GPD: 12 LPH: 1.9 pressure (max) PSIG: 150 BAR: 10 connections tubing: ¼ "ID X" OD "ID X ½" OD piping: ¼ " FNPT.

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