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  • Econlite SL-60 Twin Lamp Self-Contained Emergency Lighting

Econlite SL-60 Twin Lamp Self-Contained Emergency Lighting

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15 / 12 / 2019
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PT. Daya Teknik Meterindo
Harco Glodok Lantai 5 Blok F7
Office: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2-5 Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, 11180
Phone: (021) 2268-7062
HP: 0813-1516-6062; 0812-8222-5340; 0821-2214-8707
Email: [email protected]
Up. Irwan Pangaribuan

Detail Econlite SL-60 Twin Lamp Self-Contained Emergency Lighting

Technical  Data   SL-6           Mode Of Operation   Non-Maintained         Input  Voltage   220V-240V AC  50/60Hz         Battery     High  Temperature  Nickel  Cadmium  Rechargeable  Battery         Sealed  Lead  Acid  Battery         Charging  Current   300mA  (Nominal)  for  Nickel  Cadmium  Rechargeable  Battery,         330-37mA  (Nominal)  for  Sealed  Lead  Acid  Battery     Lamp     2x  10  Watt  Incandescent  Lamp  /  Tungsten  Halogen     Operating  Temperature     - 10 Up to 60 Deg.C.         Charger      Fully  Automatic  Solid-State  Electronic  Charging     Indication      Red  L.E.D  to  Indicate  Charging       Interuptive  Test   Equipped  with  Push-off  Test-Switch  to  Simulate  Power  Failure   Safety  Feature   Low  Voltage  Cut-off  Device  to Prevent  Over-Discharge  of  Battery   Backup  Time   > 1  Hour  Duration  per  Lamp  and  Others (For Ni-Cadmium  Rechargeabte  Battery)       >  2 Hours  Duration  per  Lamp  and  Others  (For  Sealed  Lead  Acid  Battery) Construction    lP  30  Class  I,  Electro-calvanished  Steel  Casing  With  Epoxy  Powder  Coating Mounting     Wall  Mount           Weight     <3kg.                            
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