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  • PETZL L59 MGO Fall Arrest Lanyard

PETZL L59 MGO Fall Arrest Lanyard

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11 / 12 / 2019
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HARCO GLODOK Lantai 5 Blok F7
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.2-5, Jakarta Barat 11180
Telp. : 021-2268 7062,
HP : 0813 1516 6062; 0812 8222 5340; 0821 2214 8707
Email: [email protected]
Up : Irwan Pangaribuan

Detail PETZL L59 MGO Fall Arrest Lanyard


Product Details             ABSORBICA-Y energy absorber with integrated double lanyard   Designed for passing intermediate anchor points on fixed protection   The energy of the fall is absorbed by the tearing of specific webbing   Mesh pouch with zipper protects the energy absorber from abrasion   or projections and allows regular verification       of the absorber's condition           Energy absorber end equipped with STRING       With MGO large-opening connector         Weight: 210 g             Length: 1.05 m             Standards               CE, EN 355            
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