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  • SHM 3 Inchi Flow Meter Air Dingin dan Air Limbah

SHM 3 Inchi Flow Meter Air Dingin Dan Air Limbah

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08 / 09 / 2023
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Rp. 123
PT. Daya Teknik Meterindo
Harco Glodok Lantai 5 Blok F7
Office: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2-5 Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, 11180
Phone: (021) 2268-7062
HP: 0813-1516-6062; 0812-8222-5340; 0821-2214-8707
Email: [email protected]
Up. Irwan Pangaribuan

Detail SHM 3 Inchi Flow Meter Air Dingin Dan Air Limbah

- Easy Installation and Maintenance
‐ Dry Dial, Magnetic Drive
‐ High Bypass and Very Low Head Loss
‐ Glass Vacuum Sealed Register
- Free from Condesation and clear for long term Working Temperature 0,1Deg.C-50Deg.C. Max Pressure: 16 Bar
‐ Maximum Error : +/- 2%
‐ Selected High Quality Materials
‐ Iso 4064 ‐ Warranty 2 Year

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP);i.e: Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Mall, Residential, Palm Oil Industrial, etc.
Raw Water, Sludge Water and many others Inlet and Outlet Water Treatment Best suited for pump system and high flowrate Many more applications

Technical Specifications :
Size/Model DN80-3"-80mm/SHM H90C DN 80 Qmax 80M3/H Qn 40M3/H Qt 8M3/H Qmin 1,2M3/H
Dimensions L-H 225mm-281mm
Connection Flange D1-D2 200mm-160mm
Weight 16Kg.
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