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Speedy Lab

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01 / 12 / 2019
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PT. Daya Teknik Meterindo
Harco Glodok Lantai 5 Blok F7
Office: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2-5 Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, 11180
Phone: (021) 2268-7062
HP: 0813-1516-6062; 0812-8222-5340; 0821-2214-8707
Email: [email protected]
Up. Irwan Pangaribuan

Detail Speedy Lab

Speedy Lab Advantages Analysis of fat, proteins, lactose,   salts, density  and dry matter ( SNF) in different kinds of milk New and user-friendly interactive menu for analyses and calibrations Simple calibration procedure, by keyboard or by a PC, for 3 different kinds of samples Results in about 90 seconds, without the need of the operator' s presence Preparation, homogenization and heating of samples are unnecessary No need of consumables or chemicals Aspiration of the sample from every kind of container by means of a precision pump Extendable sampling pipe Separation of the inlet channel of the sample from the outlet one of the waste: total absence of carry-over Calibration and data-handling software included
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